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Life is just a little more fun from upside down. Whether she’s hanging off the monkey bars or practicing her cartwheels and handstands, our girls’ leggings and handstand shorts are a must-have for any wardrobe. The fun doesn’t have to stop just because she’s wearing a dress, so let her run wild and still stay covered by adding these  great leggings and shorts underneath.Our little leggings come in solid, easy-to-match colors like pink, black, purple, white and blue, as well as in fun patterns like stripes and checkered. No matter what she chooses to wear under her dress, she’ll feel great and your wallet will feel even better. Watch her jump, twist and twirl in high-quality capris that will last through playtime and beyond. With a cotton-spandex blend and elastic waistband, these print leggings and shorts stretch where they need to and hug tight everywhere else. With her feeling comfortable and ready to play, the only thing left to find out will be how long she can hold that handstand!