Social Responsibility

Through our Responsible Sourcing program, we’ve developed strong relationships with our key suppliers. As we expand our environmental initiatives into the supply chain, we expect to leverage those relationships to drive change and improve the environmental impact in the factories that manufacture J.Crew, Madewell and crewcuts products.

In 2011, we trained our production team on the environmental impacts in our supply chain and what can be done to reduce those impacts. Additionally, we surveyed our suppliers to understand what is currently being done in the factories to conserve energy and water and reduce waste. Going forward, we will use this information to identify best practices and partner with suppliers to improve the environmental impact associated with manufacturing our products.
In 2013, we partnered with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) to pilot a factory-based program to identify and reduce the environmental footprint and operational costs at the factory level. As part of the project, we assessed the environmental impact at three factories in the areas of water, solid waste, chemical management and energy. A training workshop based on the pilot program’s findings was then held with 15 factories in order to build stronger environmental stewardship at the factory level. We expect to use what we learned from this project to inform future supply chain environmental initiatives.

Energy efficiency is a key component of our environmental program. Reducing the energy we use in our stores, offices and distribution centers helps the environment and makes financial sense. Included below are some examples of what we’re doing to conserve energy.
Since 2002, we have installed energy management systems in our new stores. These systems help... READ MORE →

The J.Crew Paper Procurement Policy describes our commitment to responsible paper procurement. To ensure our practices are in line with our policy, we seek paper suppliers who share our commitment to environmental responsibility. We monitor the volume, recycled content and certified content of the paper that we purchase.
As a company with a considerable...

100% recycled shopping bags


Minimizing the waste that we generate and dispose of is important to us. Waste minimization will help us conserve natural resources; reduce emissions and impacts on landscapes and habitats; and lower costs. We are continually evaluating opportunities to minimize the generation of waste in our business. READ MORE →

AND Engagement
Engaging associates, customers and other stakeholders to raise awareness and gain insight is important to us. Our customers and associates are passionate about our brand and expect great quality, an amazing experience and, increasingly, responsible business practices. We are committed to meeting these expectations. READ MORE →