Girls' rainbow leggings
Girls' leggings in pink floral
Girls' daisy leggings
Girls' stars leggings
Girls' butterfly leggings
Girls' cherry-print leggings
Girls' leggings in pink gingham
Girls' conversation hearts leggings
Girls' rainbow foil dot leggings
Girls' leggings with ruffled hem
Girls' leggings with ruffled hem
Girls' leggings with ruffled hem
Girls' leggings
Girls' leggings
Girls' leggings
Girls' leggings


Girls' white anywhere jeans
Girls' pink anywhere jeans
Girls' anywhere cozy jean in indigo
Girls' anywhere jean
Girls' anywhere jean in dark wash

Boys shouldn’t get to have all the fun when it comes to cool, colorful pants! Our collection of pants for girls comes in all shapes and sizes (and are totally playground-approved). Choose from fun styles like pink or patterned, or stick with classic denim or navy. Either way, she’s sure to look great in these perfect-fit pants, and your wallet will thank you!

Our girls’ pants are the perfect complement to any outfit in her closet. She can leave the school uniform behind in an instant and rock modern graphic tees with comfy, stretchy anywhere jeans for a cool look. Or she can pair our Gigi pant with a button-up blouse for something more formal. Our girls’ pants are as versatile as they are fashionable. With tons of styles in natural cotton and stretch, she can wear them on the playground, in class, to family dinner and everywhere in between. Girls’ clothing should make her feel great. Trade in the skirt for a day and try our supersoft, supercomfy girls’ pants!

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