Shopping for jeans has never been easier thanks to J.Crew Factory’s Men’s Denim Guide! First, find your favorite fit. If you’re into a looser cut, the athletic bleecker fit will be perfect for you. The Bleecker jean offers a little more room and strikes the balance between slim and loose making it perfect for dress shirts or casual men's shirts. Looking for a slim fit? Try the slim driggs or the straight sutton. The Sutton has a straight leg that’s not too loose and not too tight for denim jeans, while the Driggs is slim from top to bottom—aka our most modern cut. Next, find the wash that works. We have dark washes, medium washes and light, casual washes. Each denim wash has its own occasion, so why choose just one? With unmatched prices, you don’t have to. Browse our latest slim-fit jeans, and the jackets, shirts, or short sleeve button-down shirts to accompany them!